Dear Future Wife

Effy and Freddie

You’re more perfect than I could have ever imagined,

Like you’ve been painted by the masters of the craft.

Every brush stroke a piece of perfection.

In the mornings I appreciate you the most.

No makeup, no clothes, no flaws.

The fair hairs on your skin standing tall

The way the morning sunlight hits your face

Is like the beginning of a fairytale.

A different paradise each day.

Your body tells a story only I can read.

From the scars left on your body

To the scars that have been left on your subjugated soul,

Caused by your past and the people who have left you.

I’ll never leave you,

I’d shatter before I even turned my back.

Don’t cry, as it makes my heart bleed.

If you feel sad tell me,

Tell me and I’ll do everything to make you happy again.

I’ll hold you until all your pieces are back together,

Until you no longer feel broken,

Until you feel whole.

For you make me whole,

Without you I would be broken, I would be empty.

So please, please don’t ever feel like you’re alone

No matter how dark it gets I’ll always try to light the way.

Without you I wouldn’t be.

Without you, there is no future.

S. F


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